Part identification chart – Weider WEBE0878.0 User Manual

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M8 Locknut (54)

M4 x 15mm

Screw (61)

M8 x 45mm Button Bolt (43)

M8 x 20mm

Button Bolt (64)

M6 x 18mm

Button Screw (50)

M6 Flat

Washer (51)

M8 Flat

Washer (52)

M8 Curved Washer (53)

M8 x 15mm

Button Screw (47)

M8 x 50mm Button Bolt (58)

M6 x 37mm Bolt (65)

M6 Locknut (55)


See the drawings below to identify small parts used in assembly. The number in parentheses by each drawing is

the key number of the part, from the PART LIST near the end of this manual. Note: Some small parts may

have been preattached. If a part is not in the hardware kit, check to see if it has been preattached.