Danfoss AME 435 User Manual

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Installation Guide

AME 335, AME 435

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Safety Note

To avoid injury and damage to persons

and devices, it is absolutely necessary

these instructions are carefully read

and observed prior to assembly and

Necessary assembly, start-up, and

maintenance work must be performed

only by qualified, trained and authorised

Prior to assembly and maintenance work

on the actuator, the system must be:

- depressurised

- cooled down

- emptied

- cleaned

Please comply with the instructions of the

system manufacturer or system operator.

Do not remove the cover

before the power supply is fully

switched off.

Disposal instruction

This product should be

dismantled and its

components sorted, if

possible, in various groups

before recycling or disposal.

Always follow the local disposal


Mounting and installation


Do not touch anything on the PCB!

Switch off the power line before wiring the

actuator! Lethal voltage!

Wire the actuator according to the wiring


Functions accessible from cover

With STAND BY/RESET button located on

the top of the cover it is possible to enter

two function modes.
Self stroking mode
Self stroking mode starts automatically the

first time when power supply is applied

to the actuator. To manually start self

stroking procedure afterwards press and

hold STAND BY/RESET button for 5 seconds

until the green light starts flashing. Self

stroking procedure starts with extracting

the actuator stem. When maximum force

is detected (at the end valve position)

the actuator retracts the stem until the

maximum force is detected again (on the

other valve end position). End positions

are set and the actuator goes to normal

mode and starts responding to the control


Stand by mode - Manual operation
Press the STAND BY/RESET button to enter

STAND BY mode. The actuator stops in

current position and stops responding to

any control signal. Red light is flashing in

2 sec. interval. You can manually control

the actuator (manual operation- see next


This mode can be very useful during the

commissioning of other equipment, or for

service purposes.

To exit Stand by mode press the STAND BY

/ RESET button again.
Manual operation

Manual operation can be done by means

of control knob on actuator housing.

To manually operate the actuator:

• Disconnect control signal

• Adjust valve position using the control

knob (observe the rotation direction)

To go back to automatic operation restore

the control signal.


When the manual operation has been used,

the output signal (X) is not accurate until the

actuator reaches its end position.

DIP switch settings

Jumper : U/I - Input signal type selector
DIP switches

0-10 V

2-10 V









Factory settings:

ALL switches are in OFF position!


All combinations of DIP switches are allowed.

All functions that are selected are added

SW 1: Not used
SW 2: 0-10V/2-10V

- Input signal range selector ②

SW 3: Direct or Inverse acting selector ③

- OFF position; the actuator is in direct

acting mode (stem extracts as voltage


- ON position; the actuator is in inverse

acting mode (stem retracts as voltage


SW 4: Fast/Slow

- Speed selector ④
SW 5: Not used
SW 6: Not used
SW 7: LIN/LOG - Linear or equal-

percentage flow through valve selector ❻

- OFF position; the valve position is linear

acc. to the control signal

- ON position; the valve position is equal-

percentage acc. to the control signal.

This relation is adjustable - see Equal-

percentage valve-flow adjustment


SW 8: Smart function selector ❼

- OFF position; the actuator does not try

to detect oscillations in the system

- ON position; actuator enables special

anti oscillations algorithm – see Anti

oscillations algorithm section

LED operating mode indicator

• Flashing once every 6 sec. ②

- Stationary mode – actuator reached Y

signal set point

• Flashing once per sec. ③

- Self stroking mode

• Lit ④

- Operating mode – actuator is moving

to Y signal position


• Flashing twice per second ①

- STAND BY mode – actuator stopped

and not responding to Y signal -

manual operation enabled

• Lit ④

- Error mode – power supply to low,

initial self positioning time too short

due to too short valve strokes, failure

during self calibration

Dark / no lights:

- No power supply