Setup – Naxa NGT-20 User Manual

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Press buttons to select the SETUP menu, then press
buttons to select SETTINGS menu, press ENTER
button to enter the SETTINGS menu.
The Set-up application contains most of the customizing
and configuring, such as language, aspect ratio, password,
date&time, Wi-Fi. And you can upgrade the system here.

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks
Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that can provide
Internet access at distances of up to 100 meters, depending
on the Wi-Fi router and your surroundings.
To use Wi-Fi on NGT-20, you access a wireless access
point, or “hotspot”. Some access points are open and you can
simply connect to them. Others are hidden or implement other
security features, so you must configure the set so it can
connect to them.
There are numerous systems for securing Wi-Fi connections,
including some that rely on secure certificates or other
schemes to ensure that only authorized users can connect.
For details, you can ask the network administrator.
The Status bar displays icons that indicate Wi-Fi status.
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks
If you’re adding a Wi-Fi network when first setting up, Wi-Fi
is turned on automatically, so youcan skip to step 3.
1 Press Home, press Set-up, and select Wi-Fi Setting.
2 Check Wi-Fi to turn it on. Blue indicate the Wi-Fi is on, Gray
is off.
3 Choose a network to connect to it.
If the network is open, you are prompted to confirm that you
want to connect to that network by pressing ENTER for
connection. if the network is secured, you’re prompted to
enter a password or other credentials.(You can ask your
network administrator for details.)
To receive notifications when open networks are in range
By default, when Wi-Fi is on, you receive notifications in the
Status bar when the system detects an open Wi-Fi network.
1 Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on.
2 In the Wi-Fi settings screen, check Network notification.
You can uncheck this option to stop notification.
To add a Wi-Fi network
You can add a Wi-Fi network so the system will remember it,
along with any security credentials, and connect to it
automatically when it is in range. You must also add a Wi-Fi
network to connect to it, if it does not broadcast its name
(SSID), or to add a Wi-Fi network when you are out of range
of it.
To join a secured network, you need to contact the network’s
administrator to learn what security scheme is deployed on it
and to obtain the password or other required security
1 Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on.
2 In the Wi-Fi settings screen, select Add Wi-Fi network(the
item will high-lighted), and press ENTER.

SETUP menu


3 Enter the SSID of the network.
4 Enter any required security credentials.
5 Save.
The system connects to the wireless network. Any credentials
that you entered are saved, so you are connected automatically
the next time you come within range of this network.
To forget a Wi-Fi network
You can make the system forget about the details of a Wi-Fi
network that you added, for example, if you don’t want the
system to connect to it automatically or if it’s a network that you
no longer use.
1 Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on.
2 In the Wi-Fi setting screen, select the name of the network
and press ENTER.
3 Select Forget network and press ENTER.

Android Keyboard On screen keyboard settings
The Android Keyboard setting apply to the onscreen keyboard
that is included with the system.

1). Wi-Fi settings
Wi-Fi Check to turn on Wi-Fi so you can connect to Wi-Fi
Network notification Check to receive an alert when an open
Wi-Fi network becomes available.
Add Wi-Fi network Opens a dialog where you can add a Wi-Fi
network by entering its SSID (the name it broadcasts ) and
security type.
NOTE:For the pre-installed driver, please use the special USB
wireless card.
2). Ethernet configuration
Ethernet Opens the ethernet.
Ethernet configuration
1-Ethernet Devices Select the corresponding devices.
2-DHCP/Static IP
If you check use Static IP, you can enter IP address/Netmask/
DNS address/Default manually, rather than n DHCP protocol
to obtain network setting from the network itself.
(For details, please ask the administrator of the network.)