Troubleshooting, Main unit, Picture – Naxa NGT-20 User Manual

Page 14: Sound, Play

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Before requesting after service please check this
possible resolution.

Risk of electric shock. Never remove the casing of the
product. To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair
the product yourself.

Main unit

No reaction to the remote control

Make sure the player is connected to a power outlet.
Insert the batteries correctly.
Point the remote control at the IR sensor located on the
front panel of this product.
If the remote still does not function, try putting new batteries
into the remote control.


No picture

See TV manual for correct video input selection. Change
the video input until you see the screen.

No picture on HDMI connection

If this player is connected to an unauthorized display
device with an HDMI cable, the audio/video signal may not
be displayed.
Check if the HDMI cable is faulty. If faulty or damaged,
replaced the HDMI cable.

Check your display device if the appropriate input was



No audio output from the TV

Ensure that the audio cables are connected to the audio
input of the TV.
Assign the audio input of the TV to the corresponding
video input. See the TV user manual for details.

No audio output from the loudspeakers of the audio

Ensure that the audio cables are connected to the audio
input of the audio device.
Turn the audio device to the corresponding audio input
source for the player.

No sound on HDMI connection

You may not hear any sound from the HDMI output if the
connected device is non-HDCP compliant or only DVI-


UDF, ISO9660 or JOLIET format.

or .JPEG.

for Windows Media™ Audio.

‘No entry’ sign appears on the TV

The requested operation is not possible.



.wma or .WMA

Working with secure certificates

If your organization’s VPN or Wi- Fi networks rely on secure
certificates, you must obtain the certificates and store them in
the system’s secure credential storage, before you can
configure access to those VPN or Wi- Fi networks on the system.
If your network administrator instructs you to download the
certificates from a website, you’re prompted to set a password
for the credential storage when you download the certificates.