Hydrotech PURA Ultimate Point-of-Use Cooler 1240 Reverse Osmosis Unit Installation Manual User Manual

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4. There will be a blue ¼” tubing attached to the cooler. See figure 1. Insert this tubing to the ¼” port of the

quick connect adapter (Adapter, QC, ¼” x 3/8”). Attach a white 3/8” tubing to the other end of the adapter
and insert the 3/8” tubing to the 3/8” elbow. Attach the 3/8” elbow to the faucet connection of the RO.
Install safety clips to the elbows. Please refer to figure 2 below.

5. Attach the ¼” quick connect elbow to the drain port of the RO and insert

the flow control tubing to this elbow. Please refer to picture 2 shown. The
flow control tubing can be extended with the help of ¼” X ¼” adapter and
¼” red tubing supplied. The drain line can be attached to the drain line
through the AirGap™ or drain saddle. Please refer to the 1240 RO manual
for details. The installation of saddle-tapping drain connections may be
prohibited in certain local plumbing codes.

6. The tank port on the 1240 RO needs to be remained plugged. Please see

the picture 2 for details.

7. Attach the ¼” elbow to the inlet port of the RO and attach the inlet water

tubing to it as shown in figure 3. Install safety clips to the elbow.

8. Mount the RO on the screws attach to the bracket inside the cooler. See

figure 4 below.

9. A ¼” shut off valve can be attached to the feed water line.
10. Follow the steps 2 to 17 given in the page 12 of the PURA Ultimate manual (54755).

¼” Elbow

Drain Port

Faucet Port

Tank Port (remain plugged)

3/8” Elbow

¼” Tubing from the Cooler

Flow Control Drain Tubing

Adapter ¼” x 3/8”

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4