Hydrotech PURA Ultimate Point-of-Use Cooler 1240 Reverse Osmosis Unit Installation Manual User Manual

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Quick Connect Pentek Cartridge Installation Instructions Cont’d

Insert the ¼” white inlet tubing to the inlet head of sediment cartridge filter. Insert the ¼” tubing of the
cooler (furnished with the unit) to the outlet of the carbon cartridge filter. Connect the sediment and
carbon filter with a ¼” tubing. Please refer to figure 5 below.


Mount both the sediment and carbon cartridge to the bracket located inside the cooler. Refer to figure 6

5. A ¼” shut off valve can be attached to the feed water line.
6. Follow the steps 2 to 17 given in the page 12 of the PURA Ultimate manual (54755).

Sediment Cartridge

Carbon Cartridge

¼” Tubing

Figure 5

Figure 6