Dixon Valve Coupling Inserter CI96 User Manual

Automatic coupling inserter

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Lower the upper half of the hose jaw through the jaw
guides onto the hose.Position the jaw adjustment plate
above the top hose jaw.

Insert the push plate into the hydraulic ram. Note: The
push plate is easily detachable to provide additional room
while positioning large hoses and stems.

Position the bottom half of the hose jaw * in the jaw guides
such that the hose is in line with the center of the push
plate. Secure the bottom half of the hose jaw.

* Use CI93-11 jaws (standard) for hoses having an O.D. of 2¾"
to 7¼". Use CI9311SML jaws (optional) for hoses having an O.D.
of 1" to 2¾".


Automatic Coupling Inserter

Adjust the hose through the jaw halves such that a

sufficient length overhangs to accept the coupling. Turn
the threaded spindle to tighten the jaws around the hose.

Close the pump valve and pump the ram forward until the

coupling is fully inserted. Note: Make sure the fitting is
aligned with hose during insertion. Open the pump valve
for automatic ram return. Remove assembly.

Lubricate the inside of the hose end and/or the shank of
the coupling with Dixon's lubricant (DCL-80). Insert the
end of the coupling shank into the hose and position the

hydraulic ram assembly behind the fitting. Secure the
hydraulic ram assembly in place with the position pins.







Caution: Never place body parts directly in path of hydraulic ram while in operation, as injury may result.