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The following


information is supplied to you for your protection and to provide you with

many years of trouble free and safe operation of your Grove Gear product:

Disconnect power and lock out driven equipment before working on a motor.

Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.

The lifting support on the motor is not to be used to lift the entire machine. Only the motor attached directly to the
support may be safely lifted by the support.

Install and ground per local and national codes.

Discharge all capacitors before servicing a single phase motor.

Misapplication of a motor in a hazardous environment can cause fire or an explosion and result in serious injury.
Only the end user, local authority having jurisdiction, and/or insurance underwriter are qualified to identify the
appropriate class(es), group(s), division and temperature code. Marathon Electric personnel can not evaluate or
recommend what motors may be suitable for use in hazardous environments. If a motor is nameplated for
hazardous locations, do not operate the motor without all of the grease and drain plugs installed.

Never attempt to measure the temperature rise of a motor by touch. Temperature rise must be measured by
thermometer, resistance, imbedded detector or thermocouple.

Motors with automatic reset thermal protectors will automatically restart when the protector temperature drops
sufficiently. Do not use motors with automatic reset thermal protectors in applications where automatic restart will
be hazardous to personnel or equipment.

Motors with manual reset thermal protectors may start unexpectedly after the protector trips when the surrounding
air is at +20°Fahrenheit or lower. If the manual reset protector trips, disconnect motor from its power supply. After
the protector cools (five minutes or more), it can be reset and power may be applied to the motor.

Connect all protective device leads, marked P1, P2, etc., per instructions supplied with the motor.

Operation of a motor at other than its nameplate rating may result in fire, damage to equipment or serious injury to

For safety, Buyer or User should provide protective guards over all shaft extensions and any moving apparatus
mounted thereon. The User is responsible for checking all applicable safety codes in his area and providing
suitable guards. Failure to do so may result in bodily injury and/or damage to equipment.

Consult qualified personnel with questions and all electrical repairs must be performed by trained and qualified
personnel only.

For motors nameplated as “belted duty only”, do not operate the motor without belts properly installed.

Motors and/or driven equipment should not be operated faster than their rated speed.

For inverter applications, follow the inverter manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Make sure the motor is properly secured and aligned before operation.

In the event of the resale of any of the goods, in whatever form, Resellers/Buyers will include the following language in a
conspicuous place and in a conspicuous manner in a written agreement covering such sale:

The manufacturer makes no warranty or representations, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, as to the
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the goods sold hereunder. Buyer acknowledges that it alone has
determined that the goods purchased hereunder will suitably meet the requirements of their intended use. In no event will
the manufacturer be liable for consequential, incidental or other damages. Even if the repair or replacement remedy shall be
deemed to have failed of its essential purpose under Section 2-719 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the manufacturer shall
have no liability to Buyer for consequential damages.

Resellers/Buyers agree to also include this entire document including the warnings and cautions above in a conspicuous place and in
a conspicuous manner in writing to instruct users on the safe usage of the product.

This information should be read together with all other printed information supplied by Grove Gear.

For more information contact: Grove Gear, A Regal Beloit Company, 1524 15th Avenue, Union Grove, WI 53182
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Please Read Carefully

Appropriate Grove Gear instructions provided with the motor and precautions attached to the motor should be read carefully
prior to installation, operation and/or maintenance of the equipment. Injury to personnel or motor failure may be caused by
improper installation, maintenance, or operation.

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