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Lubrication & Installation

Shaft Output Units With Mounting Flange

If coupling to shaft – flexible couplings are recommended
to minimize excessive bearing and shaft loading caused by
misalignment. Follow coupling manufacturer’s installation

The exterior holes on this drive are for

mounting the drive or drive accessories (mounting flange,
couplings, sprockets, etc.). They are not to be used for
lifting the drive or any driver/driven equipment. The lifting
eye included on this drive is to be used to vertically lift the
drive only and no other associated attachments or motors.

Electric Motor and Hydraulic Motor and Pump

Installation Instructions

For “C” Flange and Hydraulic Flange Units

1. Be sure all of the paint and masking have been
removed from the face and pilot of the flange. Check the
input bore to be sure it contains an adequate amount of
anti-seize compound, which is normally installed at the
factory. This compound will inhibit fretting corrosion
between the motor or pump shaft and the unit bore.

2. Install the key (if round bore) to the maximum depth
of the keyway provided in the bore.

3. Align keyways or splines of motor or pump and bore of
unit and install motor or pump into frame.


GROVE GEAR “C” flange reducers and

Hydraulic Flange Reducers are designed to accept motors
with shafts that do not exceed the maximum specified by
the N.E.M.A. or SAE standards. If the motor or pump shaft
bottoms out before the motor or pump flange seats
against the reducer flange face, the motor or pump shaft
length must be adjusted to N.E.M.A. or SAE standards.

5. Secure the motor or pump to the unit. Capscrews and
lockwashers are provided with “C” flange units.

6. Tightening torques for mounting bolts are provided in
the chart below.


Grade 5 Capscrews (dry, without lubricant)

Tightening Torque

Capscrew Size

(Ft. - Lbs.)

1/4 NC


5/16 NC


3/8 NC


1/2 NC


5/8 NC


3/4 NC


Mounting bolts, coupling fasteners, and

other power transmitting devices should be routinely
checked to ensure that all parts of the unit are firmly
anchored to provide proper operation. (Loose fasteners
can cause alignment problems and excessive wear). Check
end play in shafts. Noticeable movement might indicate
service or parts replacement.

Make certain that all tools and other items

are clear from rotating parts before starting machine. Stand
clear, and start machine slowly to be sure all components
are secure and operating properly.

Test run unit to verify operation. If the unit

being tested is a prototype, that unit must be of current
production configuration.

GROVE GEAR has Sales Offices and a network of Industrial
Power Transmission Distributors that can serve your needs
worldwide. Check the Yellow Pages for one near you or
contact the factory sales office.


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