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Lubrication & Installation

Before Operating

After final installation, install the breather plug in the
location specified on page 4 for the appropriate mounting

Do not operate the unit without making sure

it contains the correct amount of oil. The oil level is correct
when surface of the oil is level with the lowest point of the
level plug shown on page 4.

Do not overfill or underfill with oil. This could

result in damage to unit and/or injury to personnel.

Changing Lubricant

After the first 100 hours of operation, drain out initial oil,
and refill. Thereafter, oil should be changed at least every
7500 operating hours (15,000 for synthetic oil lubricant) or
every 18 months (36 months for synthetic oil lubricant) —
whichever occurs first.

Oil should be changed with greater

frequency if unit is used in a severe environment such as
dusty or humid.

If the unit cannot be located in a clear and

dry area with access to an adequate cooling air supply,
then precautions must be taken to avoid ingestion of
contaminants such as water, and to avoid a reduction of
cooling ability due to exterior contaminants.

Wear protective clothing and eye shields

when installing or maintaining unit and machine.

Oil, housings, and other components can

reach high temperatures during operation, and can cause
severe burns. Use extreme care when removing lubrication
plugs and vents while servicing the unit.

Variations From Normal Conditions

Input speeds other than 1750 rpm, may require an
adjustment in the oil level. Consult GROVE GEAR for special
lubricant recommendations when operating at higher or
lower speeds.







Mobilgear 630

5 EP


For continuous operation of Helical Bevel Gear Drives
with ambient temperature of 30-125°F (0 to 52°C) and
operating temperature to 185°F (85°C).

MOBILGEAR 630 LUBRICANT is a heavy duty industrial
gear lubricant containing sulfur phosphorous antiwear
additives. Lubricants of this general type and meeting the
above specifications may be substituted where

Lubricant selected must be compatible with nitrile rubber
seals. For ambient temperature above 125°F (52°C), below
30°F (0°C), operating temperature above 185°F (85°C), or
intermittent duty, consult the factory.





MOBILGEAR SHC 75W-90 LUBRICANT is a premium gear
box lubricant which is recommended for Helical Bevel Gear
Drives in most applications, especially those subject to low
start up temperature and/or high operating temperature.
This lubricant is a synthesized hydrocarbon based material
and a sulfur-phosphorous gear lubricant additive which
provides longer lubrication intervals because of its
increased resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation.
This decreases maintenance costs. Further economy is
realized because of the increased efficiency of units
lubricant can be operated at temperatures considerably
above 185°F (85°C). However, the factory should always be
contacted prior to operating at high temperatures as
damage may occur to seals or other components. Lubricant
manufacturer and GROVE GEAR should be contacted when
substituting a premium lubricant where SYNTHETIC
lubrication is recommended. GROVE GEAR should also be
contacted for proper lubricant selection for ambient
temperatures below 30°F (0°C) or intermittent duty.

Do not mix nonsynthetic and synthetic oil in

the unit.

If unit is used in the food or drug industry

(including animal food) consult the petroleum supplier or
GROVE GEAR for recommendation of lubricants which
meet the specifications of FDA, USDA and/or other
authoritative bodies having jurisdiction. Standard lubricants
are not suitable for these applications or these industries.


Make certain that the power supply is

disconnected before attempting to service or install the
unit, or remove or install any components. Lock out the
power supply, and tag it to prevent unsuspected
application of power.

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