SR Products ETL165F-40 Nominal Temperature Rating User Manual

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The ETL165F-40 is a UL listed fusible link / release device with a 165 F (74 C)

nominal temperature rating and a 2 - 40 pound (1.866 - 18 KG) continuous –

continuous tensile End pull weight rating at standard temperature.

It contains a bridge wire initiated pyrotechnic heating element requiring a fifty (50)

millisecond minimum duration all fire current of 200 mill amperes (0.2 ampere)

within a voltage range of 24 VDC (NEC Class 2, low voltage).

In addition, the link has additional circuits that allow an Alarm System listed under

UL 864 9


Edition to supervise (monitor) the product for broken wire, shorts or

grounds in the wires feeding the power to this product.

The fusible link portion is a nominal 1” (25.4 mm) X 3 1/8 (79.4 mm) X ½” (12.7

mm) envelope with ½” (12.7mm) square reinforced openings at the ends to allow

attachment of “S” hooks, straps, or other attachments.

A perforated two piece electrical enclosure houses an 11/16” (17.3 mm) diameter x 1

¼” (31.7 mm) protruding cylinder containing the pyrotechnic heating element and

attachment wires (UL 1018 Wire Class 1). It provides a means to attach a standard

EMT conduit connector adapter to 3/8” (9.5 mm) or ½” (12.7 mm) flexible conduit,

thereby meeting any requirements such as National Electric Code specifications for

‘Wiring in Ducts, Plenums, and Other Air Handling Spaces.’

The ETL165F-40 has a forty (40) pound maximum continuous tensile strength at

standard temperature which can only be achieved in installations where the link is

subject to equal linear tension from both ends. If radial, side or “peel” forces are

encountered (which is typical in most smoke damper installations) the weight may

have to be reduced, or the force vectors re-established. For this reason it is not

permissible to bolt or fix one end of the ETL165F-40 in most installations. Even if

the installation is gravity release (i.e. forty pounds hanging straight down from the