SR Products ETL165F-40 Nominal Temperature Rating User Manual

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bottom link half) it is recommended to allow the link to “float” using “S” hooks,

straps or other attachments.


The ETL165F-40 is rated 24 VDC, 200mA. It contains a bridge wire initiated

pyrotechnic heating element. The 14u bridge wire has a nominal resistance of 10 to

30 Ohms. The bridge wire serves as the ignition source for the chemical heater core.

The design of the bridge wire has been optimized, requiring minimal energy to

function while remaining safe to handle, transport and install.

Care should be exercised in handling and installing the ETL165F-40 with particular

attention to the following electrical characteristics: Avoid proximity to electrostatic

discharge or heavy induction fields. Keep the lead wires twisted or otherwise shunted

unless performing resistance checks or until making final connection. Keep the

ETL165F-40 inside the packaging box when not in use, or wrap it in aluminum foil

to protect it from unwanted accidental exposure to stray current such as radio

transmission fields; electric motor induction fields; electrical coils, and static


The ETL165F-40 integrates a relay that isolates the bridge wire in the thermal

element. When an alarm system “end of the line” device is wired to the link input

and the link and is terminated to a Listed UL 864 Fire Alarm Control unit compatible

with this device the wiring should be supervised. When wired, the listed control unit

continuously monitors the link circuit, per the wiring diagram. Even minimal

continuous input current through the bridge wire will cause long term “baking” of

the internal chemical core, and allow ingress for an undesired current at levels

sufficient to cause unwanted actuation of the device.