Limited warranty – SR Products ETL165F-40 Nominal Temperature Rating User Manual

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½” EMT tubing permitting standard UL listed 3/8” or ½” flex to ½” EMT

connectors to be used together with the appropriate flexible metal conduit to

completely encase the wires within the duct as illustrated in Fig 1. Note that the

flexible conduit should run in a substantially level, straight line with a minimum

length and slack, to either side of the duct, assuring it cannot be trapped under the

damper blades upon closure. Always mount the junction box outside the duct on the

top or either side at a point at or above the level of the ETL165F-40 when mounted

on the damper. Never use rigid or EMT to electrically directly connect to the link as

this may interfere with the mechanical operation.

The ETL165F-40 is typically wired by connecting it to a UL 864 Fire Alarm Control.

The types of systems typically utilize an “end of line” device. This must be wire in

accordance with the alarm system instructions. In normal conditions the alarm

system sends a reversed low voltage signal to the link. The end of line device allows

only a small amount of current through the circuit. The alarm system uses this signal

to supervise the circuit; the voltage is not large enough to operate the link. During

an alarm condition the alarm system uses a forward biased voltage to the power lead.

The end of line device allows this current to pass through the circuit. Actuating

supply current is typically provided by an NEC class 2 low voltage 24 DC source

capable of delivering a minimum of 0.2 ampere (200 mill amperes) minimum for 50

milliseconds minimum duration to each unit wired to the system. The product is

intended to be connected to power limited circuits.

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