SR Products ETL165F-40 Nominal Temperature Rating User Manual

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Doc. ETL165F-40-I


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The manufacturer assumes no responsibility that the goods will be fit for any

particular purpose for which you may be buying these goods, except as otherwise

provided in this literature.

The Electro Thermal Link (ETL165F-40) is warranted to be free of defects in

material and workmanship for a period of two years from receipt of product. Any

ETL165F-40 unit found to be defective within this warranty period should be

returned for examination, freight prepaid, to SR Products, LLC, 1109 W. Cedar

Street, Standish, MI 48658. SR Products WILL NOT accept any returns without a

return authorization number (RA). Please call SR Products toll free number for a


Upon examination, SR Products will either repair or replace the unit, if it is found to

be defective. Any alterations (mechanical or electrical) to original Electro Thermal

Link will void the Warranty.

If any Electro Thermal Link (ETL165F-40) is installed in extreme environments

(corrosive atmospheres and/or high fluctuations in ambient temperatures), SR

Products, LLC strongly recommends replacing the Electro Thermal Link (ETL165F-

40) with a new unit every year.