Fig. 6a: attaching twin-leg srd to fbh – FallTech DuraTech 6' Single/Twin Self‐Retracting Device User Manual

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1. Prepare Twin-leg SRD for Attachment

3. Reinstating 2nd SRD Unit

4. Closing and Securing

2. Prepare FBH and Preliminary Attachment

1. Prepare Single-leg SRD for attachment:

(A) Open the Alignment Clip from the reverse side by pushing on the
top ears to release and

(B) allow clip to rotate downward; next, (C)

rotate to one side one SRD unit and the clip then open the triple-lock
gate on the Carabiner and remove the other SRD unit.

(D) Allow gate

to close.

3. Reinstating 2nd SRD Unit:

(H) Now rotate the Carabiner and Alignment Clip 1/4 turn to the horizontal position; while eeping slack in the web loops, the
gate and clip will end up positioned bel w the loops.

(I) Keeping the Carabiner horizontal, rotate the SRD unit away from the

gate and slide the Alignment Clip off and way from the gate as well.

(J) Open the Carabiner gate and insert the nose through the

swivel eye of the second SRD unit then allow the gate to close to capture the second SRD.

(K) Next, reposition the Alignme t Clip

back onto the gate.

2. Prepare FBH and Preliminary Attachment:

(E) Lift the Dorsal D-ring to the up-pointing position then loosen the tersection of the
two web straps that pass through the D-ring slot to create slacked loops of about 2”
or 3”.

(F) With only one SRD unit still onnected to the Carabiner, reopen the gate and

insert the nose of the Carabiner into the two intersecting slac ed loops;

(G) allow the

gate to close while the Alignment Clip remains positioned on the ate only.

4. Closing and Securing:

(L) With the Alignment Clip on the gate, rotate the clip upward;
then tig tly pinch the two web straps together and insert between
the ears of the clip and snap the ears to the body of the Carabiner.

(M) Lastly, remove the slacked loops from the intersecting eb
straps by pulling up through the D-ring slot and the D-ring holder.
Check the gate for full closure and the Alignment Clip to be
securely snapped to the Carabiner body. Don your FBH and adjust
as needed for proper fit















Fig. 6A: Attaching Twin-leg SRD to FBH