Accessories – NORSTAT Safety Light Curtains,Safety Controllers User Manual

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SP Deflection mirrors

Ideal for perimeter protection of up to 4 sides.
Angular adjustment by means of the included brackets.

LAD Optical alignment laser

LAD devices emit a visible red light laser beam with working range of up to 100 m.
Their use is recommended for alignment of long-range photoelectric light grids or light
curtains expecially if used in conjunction with deflection mirrors.


▪LAD 2 for Admiral, Vision and Metron light curtains

▪LAD 3 for Janus light grids

▪LAD 4 for EOS light curtains.

SAV Vibration dampers

SAV vibration dampers are used to dampen vibrations generated by some types
of machinery in order to avoid possible damage to the light curtains.


▪SAV 1 and SAV 2 for Janus light curtains

▪SAV 3 and SAV 4 for Admiral, Vision and Metron light curtains

▪SAV 4E, SAV 8E e SAV 12E for EOS light curtains.

SFB Swivel brackets for light curtains

The swivel brackets are recommended for the alignment of EOS, Admiral, Vision and
Metron light curtains.
They allow light curtain rotation about its longitudinal axis and adjustment of vertical
and horizontal positions.

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