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KNOWING YOUR SEWING MACHINE ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


The illustrations in this operation manual may differ from the actual machine.

The main parts

a Bobbin winder (page 15)

This winds the thread onto the bobbin for use as the
lower thread.

b Upper tension-control dial (page 41)

This controls the tension of the upper thread.

c Bobbin-winding thread guide and pre-tension disc

(page 15)
Pass the thread under this thread guide and around the
pre-tension disc when winding the bobbin thread.

d Thread take-up lever (page 25)
e Thread cutter (page 40)

Pass the threads through the thread cutter to cut them.

f Flat bed attachment with accessory compartment

(page 7 and 44)

g Operation buttons (page 9)

The operation buttons differ depending on the sewing
machine model.

h Operation panel (page 10)

This is used to select the stitch and specify the various
settings. Design and position of the operation panel
differs depending on the sewing machine model.

i Spool pin (page 10, 15 and 23)

This holds the spool of thread.

j Handwheel

This is used to manually raise and lower the needle.

k Air vent

This vent allows the air surrounding the motor to
circulate. Do not cover the air vent while the sewing
machine is being used.

l Main power and sewing light switch (page 12)

You can turn the main power and sewing light switch
on and off.

m Jack/socket connector (page 12)

Insert the plug on the power supply cord into the jack/
socket connector.

n Foot controller (page 13)

You can use this to control the sewing speed, and to
start and stop sewing.

o Foot controller jack/socket (page 13)

Plug in the foot controller plug.

p Feed dog position lever (page 55 and 65)

Use the feed dog position lever to lower the feed dogs.

q Presser foot lever (page 23)

This is used to raise and lower the presser foot.

r Thread guide (page 16 and 25)

This is used when winding the thread onto the bobbin
and then threading the machine.

s Thread guide cover (page 17 and 23)

Pass the thread under this thread guide when winding
the bobbin thread and threading the machine.

t Handle

Carry the sewing machine by its handle when
transporting the machine.

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