2 short introduction – Approach Tech DVR-3024M User Manual

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Note: Please choose the "Next" button to


Step 4: The installation screen will show the

message " C:\Program Files\ Viewer

Software\". Or you can select the path you


Note: Click "Next" to continue the installation.

Step 5 : The window below tells you the process

is complete.

Note: Click the "Close" button to complete

the installation process.

Step 6 : After completing installation, you can

double - click the file shown below. Or click the

"Start Menu" in the computer and select

"Programs" to open the "Program Selection"

page. Then click the "Viewer Software" tag to

start the 4 - channel DVR Viewer Software


5.2.2 Short introduction

Now the "Login" page appears. Enter the

default "User name : admin" and the

"Password : 9999" in their respective entries,

and click the "Login" button to log into the


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