How to use – LG VC48121SQ User Manual

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How to Use

Connecting the flexible hose

To remove the flexible hose from the vacuum

cleaner, press the button (3) situated on the

head, then pull upwards.

Assembling the tubes

(depending on model)

• Plastic or metal tube (4).

- Fit together the two tubes by twisting slightly.

- Cleaning turbine brush nozzle

- Fit the elbow tube onto the end of the telescopic

tube and the grip handle.

- If you pull the latch (30), the elbow tube can

be bent.

- If you stretch the elbow tube, it is returned to

its position.

• Telescopic tube (5)

- Push spring latch (6) forward.

- Pull out tube to required length.

- Release spring latch to lock.

Using the cleaning head and Accessory

Nozzles (depending on model)

The 2- position head (7) is equipped with a

pedal (8) which allows you to alter its position

according to the type of floor to be cleaned.

Hard floor position (tiles, parquet floors...).

Press on the pedal to lower the brush.

Carpet or rug position. Press on the pedal

to lift the brush up.

Fit the large cleaning head onto the end of

the tube.

Hard Floor Nozzle (31)

Efficient cleaning of hard floors (wood,


Press the button on the rear side of the

nozzle to separate the air cover.

Use the dusting brush & crevice tool to

vacuum clean the brush and fan.

Turbine brush nozzle (32)

Elbow tube (29)

The elbow tube is for uses such as cleaning

under the sofa, table and bed easily.

Crevice Tool (9)

For vacuuming in those normally inaccessible

places i.e. reaching cobwebs, or down the

side of a sofa!

Dusting brush (10)

For vacuuming picture frames, furniture

outlines, books and other uneven objects.

Upholstery Nozzle (11)

For vacuuming uphostery,mattresses,etc.

How to plug in and use

Pull out the supply cord to the desired length

and plug into the socket.

Press button (12) to start the vacuum cleaner.

To stop it press the button (12) again.

The thread collectors help to pick up the

threads and fluff.

Adjusting the power level

Park-System (17)

Electronic power control (27)
Low power

MAX: Full power

For short breaks during vacuuming, for

example to move a small piece of furniture

or a rug, use the "Park system" to support

the flexible hose and cleaning head.

Even if the dustbag does not appear to be

full at this stage. it should be changed, as

very fine dust can clog up the pores of the

dust bag.

Storage (18)

Changing the dust bag

When you have swiched off and unplugged

the appliance, press the button (13) to

automatically rewind the cord.

You can move or store your appliance in a

vertical positin by sliding the hook on the

underside of the appliance.

The dustbag needs changing when the

cleaner is set to maximum power and the

cleaner head window (19) is completely

coloured red.

Turn off the appliance and unplug it.

Open the cover by pressing the hook (20)

and lifting it up until it snaps into place.

At first, push the dust cover (37) upwards, the

dust cover fixes. Then push the end of the

head (1) on the flexible hose (2) into the

attachment point on the vacuum cleaner.

Turn off the appliance and unplug it.

Open the cover by pressing the hook (20)

and lifting it up until it snaps into place.

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