Pack the device – HP Officejet Pro 8000 - A809 User Manual

Page 113

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5. Place the printheads in an airtight plastic container--nozzles facing up and not touching each

other or the container--so they will not dry out, and put them aside. Do not send them with the
device unless the HP customer support call agent instructs you to.

6. Close the top cover.

NOTE: If you have opened the printhead cover, use your thumb to press the catch, and
reinsert the printhead cover.

7. After the printer is idle and the print carriage has returned to its parked position, press the

Power button to turn off the device.

Pack the device

Complete the following steps after you have prepared the device for shipment:

To pack the device
If available, pack the device for shipment by using the original packaging materials, or use

the packaging materials that came with your replacement device.

Pack the device