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Form #161 (10.07)

Global Thinswitch


US Patent Pending

Installation and Operating Instructions
Applies to TSW2222


The Thinswitch Limit Switch verifies ejector plate
return when tied into the machine control. The
switch protects the mold from premature closure
after part ejection.

The Thinswitch can also be used with a bolt or pin
actuator with a minimum diameter of 9.5mm. Care
should be taken to avoid crushing the housing with
the actuator.

The Global Thinswitch is designed to operate in
conditions where occasional water or oil spray is
present. Do not immerse the switch or subject it to
direct, continuous liquid spray.


There are two different methods of installation:

a. with the mounting clip from the side of the mold base (Fig. 1)
b. attached from the top of the switch using 3mm screws

1. Check height of the rest buttons.

If button height is less than 3mm, machine a pocket to accept the
switch to match rest button height. The top of the dome covering
the actuation spring should extend above the rest button. See
Figure 4 for Actuation Height.

If button height is 3mm, install without 1mm Spacer.

If button height is 4mm, install 1mm Spacer under the Thinswitch.

2. Verify that any rest buttons on the ejector plate will not interfere

with the switch,wire clips, or wire routing.

4. Drill and tap two mounting holes M3 x .5 x 8mm deep in the

location of the switch or the mounting clip depending on your
installation. (See Figures 2 and 5)

5. Using a voltmeter, verify switch contact operation before placing

mold in service.

6. Install switch wiring in accordance with appropriate electrical

standards. Wire switch directly to the injection molding machine
controls or to an approved locking male plug. Consult the
instruction manual for your injection molding press for proper
switch contact location. Switch actuation is SPST. Black and
White wires can be connected interchangeably.

7. When using the Mounting Clip, slide the Thinswitch under the

clip as shown in Figure 1. Switch should snap securely into place.

A Milacron Company


Parts List

3mm Screw

Wire Tab

Mounting Clip

Hex Key

Thinswitch with
2M Shielded

1mm Spacer

The Thinswitch® is designed for use in very

low power mold protection control circuits. It is

not intended to switch heavy loads in power
applications such as relay or solenoid coils.

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