DME Thinswitch User Manual

Thinswitch, Installation instructions

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U.S. Patent No. 5,446,252

The installation and proper functions of the Thinswitch™ is designed to be used
with rest buttons that have a height of 0.1875". If the rest buttons are shorter,
then a pocket to accept the Thinswitch should be machined in the ejector hous-
ing to bring the top of the Thinswitch to the same height as the top of the rest
buttons. The stainless steel spring should extend above the rest buttons in all

The Thinswitch should be mounted with the decal against the ejector housing,
and the arrow on the face of the unit should be pointing up when the mold is in
the press. This will allow any moisture that enters below the spring to drain.
Moisture should be avoided at all times.

With the Thinswitch in position, verify that the stainless steel spring extends
above the rest buttons. If the rest buttons are on the ejector plate, be sure that
they will miss the Thinswitch and wire clips when the mold is closed.

Drill and tap with two 10-24 mounting screw holes. Install screws. Install wire clips
where desired.

After installing, verify proper operation with ohmmeter before placing mold in

The Thinswitch can also be used with a bolt or pin actuator as shown below.
Care should be taken to avoid crushing the housing with the actuator.

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Form #118-DME (4-09)