Electrix Filter Factory User Manual

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lectrix products are performance products. We have designed them to accurately
transmit and receive your performance through MIDI. That means every knob
and every switch can be automated. To do this, simply connect your FilterFactory

to a sequencer. FilterFactory has MIDI Control Change messages assigned to all of it’s
functions. That means your performance will show up in your sequencer as MIDI
CC’s (Control Change Messages).

Note that a press and hold of the bypass button will dump the present state of the
controls. MIDI CC #18 will request a dump of state.


Real Time Control

The FilterFactory has a great alternative MIDI control feature.
You can control the frequency control with your keyboard using MIDI Note Numbers.
Here’s how...set the filter to self resonate by bring the resonance up quite high, then
play monophonically on a keyboard plugged into the MIDI in on the FilterFactory for
some pitched effects.


MIDI Clock

The FilterFactory can receive MIDI clock messages. It will re-sync its Tap Tempo to the
incoming MIDI clock for you automatically. This could be a great convenience for you
if have a Drum Machine or Groovebox to sync to. Just set up your MIDI clock source
to transmit MIDI clock, connect a MIDI cable from the source’s MIDI OUT to the
FilterFactory’s MIDI in and press start on your MIDI clock source.
Note: The LFO speed control overrides the Tap Tempo and the incoming MIDI clock
tempo. That means if you adjust it you will loose sync to your Tap Tempo / MIDI Tempo.
To re-sync to MIDI Clock, hit Tap Tempo.


Setting the MIDI Channel

On the back of your FilterFactory is a small rotary switch labeled MIDI channel. Use it
to set the Transmit / Receive channel of your FilterFactory.