Electrix Filter Factory User Manual

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elcome to the world of Electrix. We would like to thank you for purchasing
FilterFactory, The Ultimate Stereo Resonant Filter for musicians, DJs, producers and
engineers. FilterFactory is unique in its ease of use and its focus on directly filtering a

range of input signals from turntables to CD’S to Synths.

FilterFactory’s digitally controlled Analog filters were modeled after VCF’s (Voltage Controlled
Filters) like those found in traditional Analog synthesizers. Use FilterFactory to re-mix your vinyl live.
Just insert your FilterFactory between the turntable and the mixer and add your own filter sweeps,
LFO’s and distorted signals to the mix. FilterFactory has a built in phono pre-amp, so you can plug
in your turntable directly. This setup allows you to cue the effect before it goes to the house by
using the cueing feature of your mixer. In the studio full MIDI implementation makes FilterFactory
the perfect recording tool. You can play the FilterFactory live and capture your performance in a

FilterFactory’s unique future / retro case was designed to allow both desktop and rackmount
installation. This concept makes FilterFactory’s control surface perfect for live performance and
studio use.



In your Electrix box you should find:

• 1 Electrix FilterFactory

• 1 Manual

• 1 Rackmount kit

• 1 Warranty Card

• 1 EIC Power Cable (appropriate for your region)

If this is not the case then please call your local Electrix distributor, agent or dealer.