Understanding the product – Electrix Filter Factory User Manual

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The LFO provides the following cyclic (or repetitive) waveforms: Sawtooth,

Inverse Sawtooth, Triangle, Square Wave, Envelope Follow and Random. If you increase the LFO
depth and turn the LFO speed up a bit you will be able to hear their effect on your frequency
Note: Although ENV Follow isn’t a waveform we put it
here anyway. To get it working, select ENV Follow, set the
frequency down to 115Hz, on a Low Pass Filter, set your
resonance to 7.5 and adjust the LFO depth to taste.



This button changes how the Filter and

the LFO Sections on your FilterFactory. Singleshot gives
you the ability to trigger Filter Effects in a simular way
that playing a note on an old synthesizer will trigger VCF
and VCA Envelopes. The FilterFactory Singleshot
Envelopes are borrowed from the LFO section. When
single shot is on, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Inverse Sawtooth all become triggerable envelopes.
The Division button allows you to select how many time the waveform envelope will trigger. LFO
Speed adjusts the duration of the envelope, and the Filter Momentary triggers the envelope.
Note: Singleshot does not work when the ENV Follower is selected.
Note 2: If the Filter is not engaged, the Singleshot does not automatically finish the waveform.


Tap Tempo:

The tap tempo button is another way to control the LFO rate to match the beat

of your music. When it is hit one time, it will restart the LFO at the beginning of its waveform. If
it is hit twice within 2 seconds, then the time between presses is used as the new rate or tempo.
It is hit 3 or more times, it will average the time between presses to come up with a more
accurate tempo.



This controls the amount the LFO changes the filter frequency.



LFO Speed controls the period of the LFO waveforms by changing the frequency of

the LFO. The LFO Frequency range covers 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz for subtle to extreme effects.



The LFO rate, as defined by Tap Tempo or MIDI clock can be divided (or doubled)

using this control. The actual rate is indicated by the flashing tempo LED.



Effect Mix:

Controls the Mix of the Buzz and Filter Sections in relation to your dry signal.

0% is all dry, or the same as bypassing the FilterFactory. 100% will be all FilterFactory and none
of your dry signal.



Bypasses both effect blocks.




• Sawtooth

• Inverse Sawtooth

• Triangle