iPazzPort KP-810-18BV User Manual

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other electric appliance, the Commander must learn the original code

from the other electric appliance, take the TV remote as an example:

7.1. Set the device to be learned by pressing key “AV” or “TV” on the

Commander, if you want to learn the TV Remote, please press the TV key,

The LED blue light will flash, if AV, the LED orange light will flash

7.2. Press key “set” for about 2 seconds until LED is on steady and then

the Commander enters learning mode. Then tap the key you want

to copy and LED will flash one time, When the light is on steady

that means keyboard is waiting for signal from original remote to

begin learning.

7.3. Approach the TV remote about 10mm in front of the Commander ,

aim both IR Emitters at each other, then press the KEY on the TV

remote for about 1 seconds, then release this key and you will see

LED on the Commander flash 3 time. When the light is on steady

that means your Commander has learned the original code

of the

TV Remote successfully.

7.4. Repeat step 7.2 and 7.3 to complete other syncing of the original

remote. (LED will go out and quit learning mode if no operation within

10 seconds)

7.5. Press the “set” key to save and quit the learning mode when all keys

are finished original code learning mode