iPazzPort KP-810-18BV User Manual

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⑶ Using the Commander, the user can originate or receive

telephone calls while your smart cell stays

your Home

Entertainment center.

⑷ The user can control Android Audio remotely from the


⑸ while watching TV and using the Commander with ear phones

the Commander can provide audio privacy in the home and not

annoy nearby people in the home

Unisen, the First designer and manufacturer of mini wireless keyboard,

that provide computer remote control and smart TV remote control, has

the solution for this application and has released a new innovative

product - iPazzPort Bluetooth



Bluetooth Commander



Commander (KP-810 -18BV).

KP-810-18BV uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology, includes QWERTY

keyboard and mouse touchpad, integrated Bluetooth headset, microphone,

headphone and learning infrared remote control.

The Commander can control Android 4.0 HDMI / MHL HD output of

smart phone / tablet


using the Commander to operate the smart phones / tablet to watch

Internet movie or send/receive emails is very convenient and


② .

With the Bluetooth headset and the MIC configuration, when

connected to smart phone /tablet to a large TV screen, you can take