iPazzPort KP-810-18BV User Manual

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1. Introduction




Android computing devices, such as an Android Cell Phone, can support

home theater environments by becoming the source for content and

entertainment. Android device normally support all of the critical

components to drive your home entertainment system such as:

⑴ 1080P large screen compatibility

⑵ HDMI, MHL or HD output port

There are various benefits of connecting your Android device to

your Home Theater, but when connected to the Home Theater as

the user there are small inconveniences that Unisen has

recognized and resolved.

⑴ When the Android computing device is connected and next to

your Home Theater. Yor are sit on the sofa watching TV and when

the phone rings, then the user must get up and answer the call, the

user may disconnect his Android device for the normal handset

convianence, disconnets all the cables. But with the Unisen

Commander connected to his Android computing device via

Bluetooth. The user can and not walk to the TV disconnect his

Android device.

⑵ The user can remotely control his Android computing device