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What should I do if a message window, notifying of incompatibility or improper installation
of the battery pack, appears and my computer enters Hibernate mode?

This symptom could be due to the battery pack not being installed properly. To resolve this symptom, turn off your
computer and remove the battery pack. Then install the battery pack to the computer again. For details, see Installing
the Battery Pack

(page 22)


If the symptom persists after performing the above, it means the installed battery pack is not compatible. Remove the
battery pack and contact an authorized Sony Service Center. To find the nearest center or agent, visit the Sony online
support Web site.

Why is the sound of my computer's fan so loud?

Your computer's fan may be running at a high speed to cool the CPU. By lowering the CPU speed, you also lower the speed
and noise level of the computer's fan. You can use the power schemes to lower the CPU speed.

To lower the CPU speed using the power schemes



Click Start and then Control Panel.


Click Performance and Maintenance, and click Power Options.
The Power Options Properties window appears.


Select Portable/Laptop in the Power schemes box.


Click Apply.


Click OK.


Available on selected models only.

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