Built-in motion eye camera, Why are captured images poor in quality – Sony VGN-FE680G User Manual

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Built-in MOTION EYE Camera

Why does the viewer window show no images or poor-quality images?

The built-in MOTION EYE camera cannot be shared by more than one software application. If another software
application is using the camera, exit the application before using the built-in MOTION EYE camera.

The video memory of your computer may have become insufficient for displaying images from the built-in MOTION EYE
camera. Lowering the resolution or reducing the colors of the LCD screen might help.

The viewer window may show some noises, for example horizontal streaks, if you view a rapid-moving object. This is
normal and does not indicate a malfunction.

If the problem persists, restart your computer.

Why are captured images poor in quality?

The images captured under the fluorescent lamp may show reflection of the light.

A dark portion in captured images may appear as a noise.

If the front mirror plate over the lens is dirty, you cannot take a clear shot. Clean the lens. See On Using the Built-in

(page 127)


Why do captured images contain dropped frames and audio interruptions?

The effect settings on your software application may have caused dropped frames. See the help file on your software
application for more information.

There may be more software applications running than your computer can handle. Exit the applications that you are not
currently using.

The power management function of your computer may have been activated. Check the CPU performance.

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