Sony A390L2LENSKIT User Manual

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If dust or debris enters the camera and lands on the image sensor (the part
that acts as the film), it may appear on the photo image, depending on the
shooting environment. If there is dust on the image sensor, use a
commercially available blower and clean the image sensor following the
steps below. You can easily clean the image sensor using only the blower
and the anti-dust function.


• Cleaning can be performed only when the battery level is

(three remaining

battery icons) or more. Low battery power during cleaning can cause damage to the
shutter. The cleaning should be completed quickly. The use of an AC-PW10AM AC
Adaptor (sold separately) is recommended.

• Do not use a spray blower because it may scatter water droplets inside the camera


Cleaning the image sensor


Confirm that the battery is fully charged (page 18).


Press the MENU button, then

3 with b/B on the

control button.

MENU button


Select [Cleaning mode] with v/V,
then press the center of the
control button.

The message “After cleaning, turn
camera off. Continue?” appears.


Select [OK] with v on the control button, and press the center
of the control button.

After the image sensor vibrates for a short time, the mirror in front is lifted.

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