Sony A390L2LENSKIT User Manual

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The way colors are represented with combinations of numbers or the range
of color reproduction is called “color space.” You can change the color
space, depending on your purpose.

MENU button t


t [Color Space] t Select the desired



• Adobe RGB is for applications or printers that support color management and

DCF2.0 option color space. Using some applications or printers that do not support
them may result in or print images that do not faithfully reproduce the color.

• When displaying images that were recorded with Adobe RGB on the camera or non-

Adobe RGB-compliant devices, the images are displayed with low saturation.

Changing the range of color reproduction (Color Space)


This is the standard color space of the digital camera. Use
sRGB in normal shooting, such as when you intend to print
out the images without any modification.

Adobe RGB

This has a wide range of color reproduction. When a large
part of the subject is vivid green or red, Adobe RGB is
• The file name of the image starts with “_DSC.”

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