Additional information, Troubleshooting – Sony DVP-C670D User Manual

Page 74

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If you experience any of the following difficulties while
using the player, use this troubleshooting guide to help
remedy the problem. Should any problem persist, consult
your nearest Sony dealer.


The power is not turned on.

, Check that the AC power cord is connected



There is no picture.

, Check that the player is connected securely.
, The video connecting cord is damaged. Replace it

with a new one.

, Make sure you connect the player to the video

input connector on the TV. (page 8)

, Make sure you turn on the TV.
, Make sure you select the video input on the TV so

that you can view the pictures from the player.

Picture noise appears.

, Clean the disc.
, If the video signal from your DVD player has to go

through your VCR to get to your TV, the copy-
protection applied to some DVD programs could
affect picture quality. If you still experience
problems after checking your connections, please
try connecting your DVD player directly to your
TV’s S-input, if your TV is equipped with this
input. (page 8)

Even though you set the aspect ratio in “TV
TYPE” in “SCREEN SETUP” of the setup display,
the picture does not fill the screen.

, The aspect ratio is fixed on your DVD.