Self-diagnosis function – Sony DVP-C670D User Manual

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Additional Information

Self-diagnosis function

When the self-diagnosis function activates to prevent the player from
malfunctioning, a five-character service number (combination of a letter and
digits) flashes on the screen and on the front panel display. In this case, check the
following table.

First three characters



Exx (xx is any number)

Cause and/or Corrective Action

•The disc is dirty.

, Clean the disc with a cleaning cloth. (page 6)

•The disc is not inserted correctly.

, Open the disc tray and insert the disc correctly.

•To prevent a malfunction, the player has performed the self-diagnosis function.

, When you contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility, give

the 5-character service number. (example: E:61:10)