Sony DVP-C670D User Manual

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Additional Information

Track (page 5)
Sections of a picture or a music piece on a CD or VIDEO
CD. Each track is assigned a track number enabling you to
locate the track you want.

VIDEO CD (page 4)
A compact disc that contains moving pictures.
The picture data uses the MPEG 1 format, one of the
worldwide standards of digital compression technology.
The picture data is compressed to about 1/140 of its
original size. Consequently, a 12 cm VIDEO CD can
contain up to 74 minutes of moving pictures.
VIDEO CDs also contain compact audio data. Sounds
outside the range of human hearing are compressed while
the sounds we can hear are not compressed. VIDEO CDs
can hold 6 times the audio information of conventional
audio CDs.
There are 2 versions of VIDEO CDs.
• Version 1.1: You can play only moving pictures and


• Version 2.0: You can play high-resolution still pictures

and enjoy PBC functions.

This player conforms to both versions.