Apple Power Mac G4 (Speaker Grill Replacement) User Manual

Speaker grill, Replacement instructions, Power mac g4

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073-0721 Rev. A

Power Mac G4

Speaker Grill

Replacement Instructions

Follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could

damage your equipment and void its warranty.


Written and video instructions covering customer-installable parts are available at

Warning: During this procedure, keep small parts away from children.

Tools Required

The only tool required for this procedure is a small flat-blade screwdriver.

Preliminary Steps

Warning: Always shut down your computer before opening it to avoid damaging its

internal components or causing injury. After you shut down the computer, the

internal components can be very hot. Let the computer cool down before



Place your computer on a clean, flat surface.


If you think your computer is in sleep, press the power button on the front of the

computer to wake it.


Shut down your computer and wait five minutes before continuing.


If you attached a security cable through the computer’s lockable cover latch, remove

the cable.


Unplug all other cables from the computer except the power cord.