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The Grappler'^'^'' Interface is a Centronics compatible

parallel interface for the Apple 11/11+ Computer. In
addition to advanced text features. It offers high
resolution dot graphics (HIRES) dump routines located in
firmware. These are easily invoked using simple control

There is no standardization among printer

manufacturers for dot graphics. Therefore, a specific

version of the Crappler interface was developed for

each type of printer. If you connect a printer to an
incorrect version of the Crappler, the text features
should still function properly. However, the graphics
commands wili have unpredictable results.


To install the Crappler, simply plug it into any slot

inside the Apple (except (S) as follows;

1 Turn off the power to the Apple. This is important to

prevent damage to the computer and the Crappler.

2. Connect the Crappler cable to the set ot pins on the

Crappler interface card. Make sure that all the pins
on the card go into the cable's matching holes. Also,
the cable should point away from the card (it will

only tit one way).

3. Remove the cover from the Apple. This is done by

pulling up on the cover at the rear edge (the edge

farthest from the keyboard) just until the two corner
fasteners pop apart. Don't lift the edge any further,

but instead slide the cover backward until it comes


4. Inside the Apple along the rear edge of the circuit

board, there is a series of eight long, narrow sockets
called "slots." The leftmost slot (looking at the
computer from the keyboard end) is slot »*'0. The
adjacent slot is slot *1 and this is where most Apple
programs expect the Croppler to be.

5. Be sure the power is off. Insert the Crappler card into

slot *1 (or any other slot except zero) with a gentle
rocking motion until fully seated.

6. Pass the cable through one of the vertical openings

in the back of the Apple case.

7. Replace the Apple's cover. Slide the front edge of

the cover into place, and then press down ori the
rear corners until they pop into place.

8. Connect the Crappler cable to the printer.