Konica Minolta magicolor 8650 User Manual

Page 43

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Log Management Utility Settings


Log Management Utility



Specify the destination folder, file name, and file type.

If [Delete the saved record from the received log] is selected, then
after saving, the record will be deleted from the received log.

“MFP operation log file” is a file type that can be displayed using
Log Management Utility. If a different format is selected when sav-
ing the file, then it will not be possible to view this using Log Man-
agement Utility.

If saved while using the filter functions to select the number of logs
to display, then all logs (including those that are not displayed) in
“MFP operation log file” format will be saved; whereas if these are
saved in other file formats, then only records that are displayed will
be saved.


Click [Next].


Confirm details, then click [Start].