Konica Minolta bizhub 751 User Manual

Page 12

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Touch [Yes], Touch [Mode 1] or [Mode 2], then touch [Encryption Priority] or [Overwrite Priority].


Touch [OK].


A confirmation message appears. Select [Yes] and touch [OK].


Make sure that a message appears prompting you to turn OFF and then ON the main power
switch. Now, turn OFF and then turn ON the main power switch.

When the main power switch is turned off, then on again, wait at least 10 seconds to turn it
on after turning it off. if there is no wait period between turning the main power switch off,
then on again, the machine may not function properly. Here is the sequence, through which
the main power switch and sub power switch are turned on and off:
Turn off the sub power switch >

Turn off the main power switch > Turn on the main power


> Turn on the sub power switch