Konica Minolta bizhub 751 User Manual

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A confirmation message appears. Select [Yes] and touch [OK].


Encryption Key, enter the Encryption Key again in [Encryption

Enter the new 20-digit Encryption Key from the keyboard and keypad.
To prevent entry of a wrong
Passphrase Confirmation].


To go back to the HDD Settings screen Touch [Cancel].


at tells that there is a

mismatch in the Encryption Keys. Enter the correct Encryption Key.


board Operation Notes:

To clear all characters Press the [C] key.

To delete the last character entered Touch [Delete].

To show the upper case/symbol screen Touch [Shift].

Touch [OK], Re-Enter the Encryption Key and Touch [OK].

If the Encryption Key entered does not meet the requirements of the Password Rules, a

ssage appears that tells that the Encryption Key entered cannot be used. E


nter the

correct Encryption Key. For details of the Password Rules, see Appendix C.

If there is a mismatch in the Encryption Keys, a message appears th


d then ON the main power

switch. Now, turn OFF and then turn ON the main power switch.

When the main power switch is turned off, then on again, wait at least 10 seconds to turn it
on after turning it off. if there is no wait period between turning the main power switch off,

sure that a message appears prompting you to turn OFF an

then on again, the machine may not function properly. Here is the sequence, through which
the main power switch and sub power switch are turned on and off: