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[Description of Utility Keys]



[Copier Settings]



[Copier Settings]

[Auto Zoom for Combine]

To display: [Utility] - [User Settings] - [Copier Settings] - [Auto Zoom for Combine]

Select whether or not to adjust the image automatically to optimal zoom ratio when you specify [Combine]
and select [Auto] for [Paper].


[Auto Display Zoom Ratio]: Automatically adjusts to the optimal zoom ratio.


[OFF]: Select this option to specify the zoom ratio manually.

[Auto Display Zoom Ratio] is specified by default.

[Default Copy Settings]

To display: [Utility] - [User Settings] - [Copier Settings] - [Default Copy Settings]

Change the default settings (settings when the power is turned on, or the Reset is pressed) in copy mode.

You can change the setting by selecting [Current Setting] after the setting in copy mode is changed.

[Factory Default] is specified by default.

[Separate Scan Output Method]

To display: [Utility] - [User Settings] - [Copier Settings] - [Separate Scan Output Method]

Select the timing that the machine starts printing when scanning an original by specifying [Separate Scan].


[Page Print]: Printing begins while the original is being scanned. Select this option if you want to focus
on efficiency.


[Batch Print]: Printing begins after all originals are scanned. You can delete data before printing begins
if you find an incorrect setting etc.

[Page Print] is specified by default.

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