Date & time settings, Daylight saving time, Weekly timer settings – Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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[Description of Utility Keys]



[System Settings]


[Date & Time Settings]

To display: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [System Settings] - [Date & Time Settings]

Specify the machine's current date and time and time zone.

[Daylight Saving Time]

To display: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [System Settings] - [Daylight Saving Time]

Select whether or not to apply daylight saving time settings.

To apply daylight saving time, enter the number of hours to move the clock forward to reflect daylight saving
time. The current time is set forward to reflect daylight saving time.

[OFF] is specified by default.

[Weekly Timer Settings]

To display: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [System Settings] - [Weekly Timer Settings]

Select whether or not to automatically switch between power save and Normal mode using the weekly timer.
To use the weekly timer, specify the schedule for switching between Power Save and Normal modes.



[Date Setting]

Enter the current date.

[Time Setting]

Enter the current time.

[Time Zone]

To automatically adjust the time of this machine using an NTP server, set the
time difference between UTC and your local area in multiples of 30 minutes.
[00:00] is specified by default.



[Enable Settings]

Specify whether or not to use the weekly timer. [ON] is specified by default.
If this option is set to [ON], select a power save mode to be shifted based on
the weekly timer in [Power Save Mode Setting].

[Sleep]: This mode has a lower power saving effect than [ErP Auto Power
OFF] mode; however, it allows you to receive print jobs from a fax machine
or computer and print them.

[ErP Auto Power OFF]: A mode that provides a higher more effective power
saving effect. In this mode, you cannot receive all jobs.

[ErP Auto Power OFF] is specified by default. If the fax function is available, the
setting value is fixed to [Sleep].

[Time Settings]

Specify the time for switching to the power saving mode ([OFF Time]) and the
time for returning to Normal mode ([ON Time]) for each day of the week.

If you tap [Set All] in the setting window of each day of the week, [OFF Time]
and [ON Time] of the selected day of the week are applied to all days of the

Tapping [Check Settings] allows you to check the setting status of each
day of the week.

6:00 is specified for [ON Time] and 20:00 is specified for [OFF Time] by default
for all days of a week.

[Password for Non-
Business Hours]

When the machine is set in Power Save mode specified by weekly timer, spec-
ify whether or not to restrict use of this machine by requesting a password.
To request a password in order to restrict operation, enter the password for a
user to enter (using up to eight characters).
[OFF] is specified by default.

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