BlueAnt Q1 User Manual

Blueant q1 available nationwide in sprint stores

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BlueAnt announces retail availability of the BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset with multipoint

offering a truly hands-free experience

SAN FRANCISCO - April 30, 2009 – Following the recent

launch of the BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth


at CTIA Wireless 2009,

BlueAnt Wireless

today announced the initial availability of the Q1, the world’s most

advanced voice controlled Bluetooth headset. Starting tomorrow, May 1, 2009, the Q1 will be available through

Sprint’s online stores and via telesales. On May 7, 2009, the device will be in Sprint stores across the United States.

Sprint will sell the Q1 exclusively for 30 days followed by additional availability at other national retailers.

“BlueAnt is pleased to offer Sprint customers the first taste of the ultimate in wireless communication,” said Taisen

Maddern, Executive Chairman of BlueAnt Wireless. “Our vision, and the reason BlueAnt has quickly become a market

leader, is to offer tomorrow’s technology today. We focus on providing consumers with the ‘Simply Connect’

experience: allowing easy and seamless integration of this new technology into their lives. We delivered on this

vision in 2008 by introducing the first voice-controlled Bluetooth headset, the V1, and continue to raise the bar with

this, the Q1.”

The most sophisticated headset available in the market today, the BlueAnt Q1 offers users several unique features:

Voice Control – The Q1 provides an authentic hands-free experience through “Simply Connect” voice control

technology. Demonstrating the ease of use of this unique device, instead of customers flipping through a

lengthy manual to set up the headset, they start by simply putting the headset in their ear and letting it verbally

walk them through pairing and set-up. The BlueAnt Q1 uses advanced voice recognition software which allows

you to easily control the headset and many phone functions, just by using your voice. To answer a call, just

say, “answer”. To reject a call just say, “ignore”. Just say the words; it’s that simple.

True multipoint - The Q1 can connect to and conduct calls on two mobile phones simultaneously. For

example, if you have a business phone and a personal phone you can connect them both to the Q1 at the

same time and answer whichever one rings. Unlike other headset makers that claim to support multipoint, with

the BlueAnt Q1 both phones remain connected even when you are on a call. If you get a call on your other

phone you can use the Q1 to put your active call on hold and answer your other phone.

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