BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

BlueAnt Wireless Headsets

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1. First time Pairing to your Bluetooth mobile

phone, no change and as per page 4 of your user manual

2. New Multifunction Button (MFB) operating instructions:

3. To go to PAIRING mode

i. From off, press and hold the 1234 button

ii. While holding the 1234 Button, switch the supertooth light on

( press and release the microphone shaft)

iii. When the Bluetooth indicator turns blinking red/blue, release the 1234 button.

The supertooth light is now in pairing mode.


Hotkey Button


The BlueAnt Supertooth Light Telstra edition gives
you the added feature of a hot key button that is
programmed to call 1234.

1234 is a great personally assisted search service,
where you can speak to an operator to request
White Pages® and Yellow™ directory information,
turn by turn directions, weather reports and movie
times and much more.

There are a few changes to the operation of the Supertooth Light outlined below.

Function Time Status
Voice dial:

Short press (MFB)

Idle / standby


Long press (MFB)

Idle / standby

End a call:

Short press (MFB)

active call

Answer a call:

Short press (MFB)


Reject a call:

Long press (MFB)


Calls to 1234 are charged a fee of $1.40. A fee of $0.88 will be charged when you are
successfully connected to the person or business you need (standard rates will apply to your
connected call). If you are calling from a mobile, your mobile rates will also apply. But, if you
don’t want to be connected you can have most of the information sent by SMS to your mobile
phone, this is included in the 1234 call charges.