BlueAnt Safe2talk Plug and Go Handsfree User Manual

User guide, The blueant guarantee, Warranty terms & conditions

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No Power

Check power button is on (i.e. LED light on unit)
Check kit in another car.
Check another item in cigarette lighter


No Audio

Check arrows match on lead from phone to main
unit i.e. >< points meet.
Make sure the volume knob is turned up.
(this is a common issue!)
Check privacy button isn’t depressed.
(i.e. green LED on unit – not red)

People Can’t Hear You

Check mic isn’t plugged in to ear piece socket
in bottom of unit.
Try relocating mic.

Bad Call Quality

Check mic, phone & unit are as far apart as possible.
Check lead is correctly attached to phone.
Please try relocating mic and handset as far away as
possible from other electrical devices in vehicle
(i.e. the radio)

If you are still experiencing problems with the kit please either:
Return it directly to BlueAnt for testing and replacement of faulty
items – please call 1300 669 049 to arrange
‘Return Merchanise Authorisation’ (RMA) Number ,
or fi ll out a warranty form at

Return the Safe2Talk to your place of purchase & the store will
be able to return the kit to Blueant for testing & replacement of
faulty items.

User Guide

1300 669 049

High Quality - 2 Year warranty - Rapid Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Why can’t I get any sound from my Safe2Talk speaker?

Make sure the volume control knob on the Safe2Talk is turned up when connecting or making a call.
This is the simplest solution but often is the most correct.

b) Why is the Safe2Talk noisy and distorted?

Some people like to have their phone ring loudly, but this may cause distortion when transferred to the Safe2Talk speaker.
If this is a problem for you we recommend, setting up a profi le on your phone with lower ringing volumes and keypad tones
and activate when using with Safe2Talk. (see your mobile phone user manual for instructions).
Avoid having the speaker and microphone pointing towards each other as this may introduce echo or feedback.
Have them both face towards the rear of the vehicle with the speaker tilted slightly away from the driver.

c) Why won’t my Safe2Talk power up when inserted in the cigarette lighter socket?

Check whether there is 12 volts power to your cigarette lighter by trying to heat the cigarette lighter plunger in the socket.
Check that the sockets terminals are not worn or covered in dirt or dust.

d) Am I using the correct connector for my phone?

Safe2Talk is universal providing connectors for most mobile phones on the market. If you change your phone,
simply purchase a new connector without having to replace the whole unit.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

The BlueAnt Guarantee

BlueAnt warrants the original purchaser of this product and related

connectors for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. BlueAnt warrants the original purchaser of this product only.
2. BlueAnt will replaced or repair any faulty product provided it

has not been misused or abused in any way.

3. Proof of purchase must be supplied to obtain waranty.

The warranty is from the date of purchase for no more
than twenty four months.

4. Warranties are effective from the proof of purchase

date and not from the date of any subsequent repair or replacement.