AEM 30-5140M Analog Oil Transmission Water Temperature Metric Gauge User Manual

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AEM Performance Electronics

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Street Unit A, Hawthorne, CA. 90250

Phone: (310) 484-2322 Fax: (310) 484-0152

Instruction Part Number: 10-5140 Rev 01

2010 AEM Performance Electronics

Part Number 30-5140

Analog Style 100°F - 300°F Oil/Coolant/Trans Temperature Gauge

NOTE: Faceplate Configuration Instructions Included on Separate Sheet

Figure 1. Wiring Schematic

AEM Oil/Coolant/Trans Temperature Gauge Parts

1 x 35-5140 Temperature Gauge Assembly
1 x 35-2012 Temperature Sensor
1 x 35-4302 Install Kit (6 Butt Connectors)
1 x 10-5140 Installation Instructions
1 x 35-3411 8-Pin Power Harness
1 x 35-3413 3-Pin Sensor Harness
1 x 35-8529S Silver Bezel
1 x 35-8539W Trans Temp Faceplate, White
1 x 35-8539B Trans Temp Faceplate, Black
1 x 35-8541W Oil Temp Faceplate, White
1 x 35-8542W Coolant Temp Faceplate, White
1 x 35-8542B Coolant Temp Faceplate, Black
1 x Faceplate Configuration Instructions
1 x Paper Clip Needle Removal Tool

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