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- glass breakage as a result of mechanical shaking power
- incorrect container size
- too much medium
- unsafe condition of container

Only process media that will not react dangerously to the extra

energy produced through processing. This also applies to any
extra energy produced in other ways, e.g. through light irradiation.

• Do not operate the appliance in explosive atmospheres, with

hazardous substances or under water.

A seperation from the line is made with the equipment only by

pulling net and/or device plug.

Safe operation is only guaranteed with the accessories described

in the ”Accessories” chapter.

Always disconnect the plug before fitting accessories.
Accessories must be securely attached to the device and cannot

come off by themselves. The centre of gravity of the assembly
must lie within the the set-up surface.

The appliance starts up again automatically following a cut in the

power supply.

The appliance may heat up when in use.

Abrasion of the dispersion equipment or the rotating accessories
can get into the medium you are working on.

To the protection of the equipment
The voltage stated on the nameplate must correspond to the

mains voltage.

Do not cover the device, even partially e.g. with metallic plates

or film. This results in overheating.

Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and impacts.

Observe the minimum distances between devices, between the

device and the wall as given in the Fig. 2 and above the assem-
bly (min. 800mm)


CMAG 012014

> 100 mm

> 100 mm








- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a fact report must be set

immediately (post, rail or forwarder)

Delivery scope

- Heating magnetic stirrer


Magnetic stirrer


Heating device

- Mains cable
- Operating instructions



For mixing and/or heating liquids

Range of use

- Laboratories

- Schools

- Chemical industry

- Pharmacies


Correct use

Fig. 2

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