Warranty, Accessories, Permitted ika – IKA EUROSTAR 20 high speed control User Manual

Page 17: Stirrer tools

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In accordance with IKA


warranty conditions, the warranty period is

24 months. For claims under the warranty please contact your local
dealer. You may also send the machine direct to our factory, enclos-
ing the delivery invoice and giving reasons for the claim. You will be
liable for freight costs.

The warranty does not cover worn out parts, nor does it apply to
faults resulting from improper use, insufficient care or maintenance
not carried out in accordance with the instructions in this operating


R 2722 H-stand
R 2723 Telescopic stand
R 270

Cross sleeve

R 271

Cross sleeve

RH 5

Strap clamp

R 301

Stirrer shaft protection

R 301.1 Support holder
H 70

Extension cable

H 62.51 Stainless steel sensor
H 66.51 Stainless steel sensor, glass-coated
RB 1

Battery pack

OS 1.0

Power supply

PC 1.1


USB cable micro A – micro B 2.0
USB cable A – micro B 2.0
Protective cover

R 6000 Precision shaft

≤ 6000

R 1401 Propeller

≤ 6000

Permitted IKA


stirrer tools

max. speed (rpm)

max. speed (rpm)

R 1402 Dissolver

≤ 6000

R 1405 Propeller

≤ 6000