Correct use, Unpacking – IKA EUROSTAR 20 high speed control User Manual

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• The machine must only be opened by trained specialists, even dur-

ing repair. The instrument must be unplugged from the power sup-
ply before opening. Live parts inside the instrument may still be live
for some time after unplugging from the power supply.

Covering or parts that are capable of being re-
moved from the unit without accessory equip-

ment have to be reattached to the unit for safe operation in order
to prevent, for example, the ingress of fluids, foreign matter, etc..

If during operation the battery pack RB 1 (re-
chargeable battery) becomes fully discharged, the

device will continue to run or is shut down depending on the value
settings for exceeding the time and safety speed. If the device is set
so that it continues to run when the battery of the Wireless Controller
(WiCo) is fully discharged, the only means of switching the station off
are the "safe STOP" and the off switch!

Please note the following safety instruc-
tions for the battery pack RB 1 (recharge-

able battery):
• Keep the battery pack out of reach of children at all times.
• Store the battery pack in a cool, dry place.
• Never throw the battery pack into a fire. Keep it away from direct

sunlight and temperatures above 60 °C. High temperatures will
damage the battery pack and render it unusable. Temperatures
above 100 °C may cause it to explode.

• Never throw the battery pack into water or expose it to moisture. Wa-

ter may lead to a short-circuit, causing the battery pack to explode.

• Do not deform or crush the battery pack or damage it in any other

way. This can cause battery fluid to leak and/or the battery pack
to explode.

• When not in use, keep battery packs away from paperclips, coins,

keys, nails, screws or other small metal objects which could cause the
contacts to be bridged. Short-circuiting may result in an explosion.

• Explosion of a battery pack may release battery fluid and cause a fire.

• The lithium polymer battery pack must only be used and charged in



products designed for use with this battery pack.

• When the battery pack is inserted it should slide in easily and with-

out resistance. Do not force it.

• If the battery pack is removed for an extended period of time, store

it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent short-circuiting due to moisture
or contact with metal components.

• The operating temperature range of the battery pack is from 0 °C

to +45 °C. Note that the battery pack capacity will be reduced at
temperatures below 20 °C.

• Only the rechargeable battery types recommended in the technical

data may be used in the device!

Do not charge batteries that have leaked or that are discol-
ored, deformed or damaged in any other way.

Disposal instructions:
• When disposing of the IKA


battery pack, please tape over the con-

tacts with adhesive tape to prevent short-circuiting due to moisture
or contact with metal components. Short-circuiting may result in an

• Do not throw used battery packs into your household waste. Dis-

pose of them properly in accordance with statutory regulations.

End users are obliged by law to return all used disposable and
rechargeable batteries. Throwing them into the household

waste is prohibited. Disposable/rechargeable batteries containing
harmful substances are marked with this symbol to indicate that
they may not be disposed of as household waste.

• You can return used disposable and rechargeable batteries free of

charge to your local authority collection site or to any battery re-
tailer. In doing so you will be complying with statutory regulations
and helping to protect the environment.

• Batteries must be disposed of in accordance with local and national





Correct use

• Use

For mixing/stirring liquids with low to high viscosities by various
stirring tools.

Intended use: Stand device (stirring shaft points down).

• Range of use (indoor use only)

- Laboratories

- Schools

- Pharmacies

- Universities

• Wireless remote control

Before using the wireless link between the Wireless Controller
(WiCo) and the laboratory device, first check whether your region
is included in the radio communications approval for the device. If
it is not, remote control can also be performed using a USB cable.

This instrument is suitable for use in all areas except:
- Residential areas
- Areas that are connected directly to a low-voltage supply network

that also supplies residential areas.

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed:
- If the instrument is operated with accessories that are not supplied

or recommended by the manufacturer

- If the instrument is operated improperly or contrary to the manufac-

ture’s specifications

- if the instrument or the printed circuit board are modified by third



• Unpacking

- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a detailed report must be sent imme-

diately (post, rail or forwarder).

• Delivery scope

- EUROSTAR 20 high speed control stirrer with a Wireless Controller


- An operating instructions
- An extension arm

- A hexagonal socket screw
- A hexagon socket offset screw key
- An R 6000 precision shaft
- An open-end wrench
- A hook spanner
- A protective cover
- A warranty card
- OS 1.0 power supply unit
- USB cable micro A – micro B 2.0
- USB cable A – micro B 2.0.