BMW Navigation Portable Plus User Manual

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BMW Navigation Portable Plus Owner’s Manual

Using the Main Pages



Trip Information Page

The Trip Information page displays your current

speed and provides helpful statistics about your

trip. To view the Trip Information page, touch





field on the Map page.

If you make frequent stops, leave the nüvi

turned on so it can accurately measure elapsed

time during the trip.

Resetting Trip Information

If you want accurate trip information, reset the

trip information before beginning a trip. Touch

reset Trip

to reset the information on the Trip

Information page. Touch

reset Max

to reset the

maximum speed.

Turn List Page

When you are navigating a route, the Turn List

page displays turn-by-turn instructions for your

entire route and the distance between turns.

Touch the green text bar on the top of the Map

page to open the Turn List page. Touch a turn on

the list to view the Next Turn page for that turn.


Show Map

to view the entire route on the

Browse Map.

Next Turn Page

When you are navigating a route, the Next Turn

page shows the turn on the map and the distance

and time left before you reach the turn. To view

an upcoming turn on the map, touch the



field on the Map page, or touch any turn from

the Turn List page.